The City and Its History

Aemonar's Anchorage
The Crown Jewel of the Sky

Population: 1,046,435
Demographics: 60% human, 13% halfling, 9% elf, 8% goblinoid, 6% dwarf, 2% half-elf, 2% other (dragonborn, half-orc, etc.)

Aemonar's Anchorage is the floating city of the former Ordonon Empire. It floats over the poisonous Fog and travels to and from the few remaining settlements of Ordonon. It is made up of the City Proper, the Farming Ring, and the Sanctuaries.


Anchorage was once the capital of the Ordonon Empire, an empire which spanned the continent of the same name. The wealth and magical prowess of their citizenry led them to create a capital that even the gods could not help but marvel at with its beauty and technology. Yet, with their wealth came arrogance. The Ordonon people began to see any attack on their people, no matter how small, as an act of war. They waged war on the goblinoid tribes, the orc clans, and the drow cities. They slew giants and dragons, brought down beholders and other strange beings, and it seemed for a time The Great Purge would succeed and the Ordonon citizenry would be safer than ever.

Yet, the creatures of the Deeplands did not accept the New World Order that the Ordonon wanted to impose upon them. So in an unprecedented move, the Deeplands creatures united under one banner and they fought back. With the drow at the head, the Sunless Army rose up and swarmed the lands, burning and razing every Ordonon village and town they could. Yet, the Ordonon were too strong and their numbers too few. Even with the remaining giants and dragons under their banner, it wasn't enough. So the drow did the unthinkable. They traveled to the heart of the world where the Destroyer, the Nameless God, slept and they begged for a weapon that could end the Ordonon. It was there they learned that despite everything they had been told of the Nameless One, no one had told them that the Destroyer could be so… giving. With a smile that toppled mountains, the Destroyer "gave" the drow his herald, and most favorite pet, the Tarrasque. 

It was Aemonar, the High Archmage, who saw the end coming. The Ordonon had reached too far, pushed too hard and now they would be wiped out as they would have wiped out  the Deeplands creatures. Now the Tarrasque made it's way to the surface, trampling over the drow who released it. It would feed and feed and feed until it's master was strong enough to consume the world as it had tried to do in the dawn of Creation. Yet, Aemonar had time while the Tarrasque gorged itself on the drow and the orcs. With his companion, Kildra the Master Alchemist, they hatched an equally desperate plan.

Kildra began to alter and change the surrounding land, making things tougher or lighter wherever possible. She invented an easily produced lighter-than-air gas and captured it in rubber-like casings. Meanwhile, word was sent to every remaining Ordonon town and city to get to high ground, if they were not already.

On the day that would be known as the Day of Fog, what remained of the Sunless Army attacked Anchorage as the Tarrasque only a few days behind. Realizing their colossal error in releasing the beast, they sought the refuge of the walls of Anchorage but knew the Ordonon would never open their gates to them. However, the Sunless Army arrived at Anchorage and met with no army on the field. Instead, they found defenders who were already on the wall bracing for a siege. Suspecting a trap, the drow sent the goblinoids to sneak into the city and find out what was going on. When night fell, they were to get the gates open and start the slaughter. 

It was then the goblinoids learned of Aemonar's plan. He was going to fill the continent with a poisonous gas that would kill every living breathing thing and the city catacombs, filled with balloons of a strange gas that would let the city float on top of it. Chief Nirdak ordered his troops to slash the balloons and leave the Ordonons stranded. He was swiftly killed by Bowen, who became the new chieftain and ordered the balloons to stay. He knew that the Tarrasque was unstoppable and this might be the only way to flee its wrath. He ordered his troops to learn everything they could about the balloons, the systems underground, and how it all worked. He knew he would need to leverage that to stay.

The moment came where Aemonar unleashed his spell, pouring his very life force into the spell and creating a never-ending poisonous fog. It was made of a dense gas that would seep into every cave and wipe out the drow, starving the Tarrasque and his master. Without creatures to eat, the Tarrasque would return to its slumber (or so he hoped). While the fog filled the continent, the city and surrounding areas were lifted up into the sky. Everything that was less than 100ft above sea level was covered in this killer fog.

Despite all of Kildra's preparations, the city almost broke into pieces when it first lifted into the sky. It was the hobgoblins who saw the problem first, a small oversight in the spell workings that caused a resonance to build in the city, nearly shaking it apart. Bowen , a wizard in his own right, was able to patch the issue until Kildra was able to create a more permanent solution. The goblinoids were able to fix many issues that arose in that first week before the dwarves even realized they were there. By then, they had proved their usefulness where they were able to barter for citizenship. Under the leadership of the now King Bowen the First, the hobgoblins carved out their own city in the tunnels under Anchorage. Not even the dwarves were allowed free reign in their territory.

With Aemonor's fog covering the continent, the city was safe. In honor of his sacrifice, the city was renamed after Aemonar. Kildra and her clan were made nobles and the clan took on her name out of deference. The Kildra clan remains the most powerful dwarf clan in Anchorage. Several settlements and cities were beyond the reach of the fog but new ones had to be made by the Ordonon. Some of these settlements made it and some did not. Anchorage became a trade city once again, traveling to each of these settlements and bringing goods from all over their once-great empire.

The City and Its History

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