The God(s)

The Ordenon worship Ordon, a single god who is worshiped in multiple aspects. Ordon is all and none, so worshipers pray to the side of Ordon they hope to invoke.

Ordon – The Unknowable All
Ordon Jutus – The Judge. God of Justice
Ordon Si – The Hawk. God of the winds
Ordon Vihar – The Thunderer. God of Strength and Storms.
Ordon Culus – The Mage. God of magic.
Ordon Sidhe – The Fay. God of plant and beast. God of the elves.
Ordon Rex – The Governor. God of civilization and commerce. God of humanity.
Ordon Breithe – The Caregiver. God of fertility and harvest.
Ordon Voyna – The Warrior. God of battle and warfare.
Ordon Batir – The Smith. God of smithing and crafting. God of the dwarves
Ordon Lib – The Sage. God of knowledge and insight. 
Ordon Forta – The Seer. God of luck and fate. God of halflings.
Ordon Antur – The Traveler. God of adventure and innovation. God of gnomes
Ordon Morta – The Reaper. God of death and the afterlife.

Other Gods

Ordon is far from the only god in the world. Ordon is simply the newest. Other gods of the world can be found here.

Draconis God of dragons.
Jotun God of giants
The Destroyer The Nameless One who seeks the destruction of all.


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