150 years ago a war broke out between the surface races and the drow. With their orc slaves and demon servants, the drow were winning and all life on the surface would be wiped out. In a move of desperation, Aemonar, High Archmage, unleashed a deadly plan. A message was sent to all cities to get to high ground. The capital, Anchorage, was set aloft into the sky as a deadly fog filled the continent. Any life from 100ft above sea level and down was wiped out by the fog.

Now Aemonar's Anchorage floats above the fog as an ark to the surface races, traveling to and from the few remaining cities and towns. But life is far from perfect here. Though Anchorage is self-sustaining, resources still must be rationed and the various factions within it still via for control over them. In Anchorage, everyone lives by the Golden Rule: those with the gold make the rules.

Aemonar's Anchorage, the Floating City

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